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Company Overview
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      Qingdao Honest Environmental Protection Technology CO.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer of plastic packaging products since 1998.

      Our company has enterprise technology cent identified by Qingdao city, is a high -tech enterprise. Now has the international advance high-speed inspection machine,solvent-free lamination machine,online testing equipment,is the professional flexible packaging manufacturer.

      Utilizing the latest technology, we have diversified our capability and service over the year.our products are ISO-9001 certified and in a high regimented quality standards environment. So far we have enlarged our production scope that meet the needs of food,health care, chemical,construction,auto refinish industries all over the word.

Development philosophy

Heavenly rewards, authentic rewards, and humane rewards.

The dedication of Qingzheng adults, always remember the sincerity of treating people with sincerity, repaying the dream of the society with all their heart, holding high the banner of green environmental protection, adhering to the corporate philosophy of efficient work, honesty and integrity, and strive to move forward and never stop!

  • culture
    Everything about efficiency
    Dedication is the most glorious
  • purpose
    Use quality to shape quality
    Improve quality with integrity
  • Vision
    Leading the way in creating new environmentally friendly materials for the soft pack industry